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Electronic Music Collectives Amsterdam

The Groups

The Topics


C++, Pure Data, Open Source, Collaboration, Ableton, Creative Coding, Generative Music, Deep Learning, DSP, Graphic Interfaces, and Game Music


Studio Technology, Modular,DIY,Circuit Bending

Theory and Practice

Laptop Jamming, Live Coding, Composition, Djing, Visuals

The Goal

Meet, Share Knowledge, Network.

The Projects


Audio/Visual Streaming

OBS and MSDP and Ableton Max4Live Electronic Audio/visual stream

This is where we connect Ableton Live to a Node.js server via Max , Midi sync it to MSDP and pipe it to OBS which combines the video with VLC video footage. The video sources are as diverse as the, UBU, open culture and social media platforms.

Always looking for new show material and ideas.


Tues Improve your Craft

2nd and 4th Tuesday

  • An Into to ...genre
  • Against the Clock
  • Sample pack curation
  • Sample Pack - tune in a day
  • Online Remix Competitions
  • Fix my mix
An Intro to
  • Melodic Techno
  • Unknown
Against The Clock

Pairs take turns, ten minutes to make a tune.

Sample pack curation

Indoor and outdoor recording to create a sample pack

Sample Pack - tune in a day

Individually or in pairs, use the supplied sample pack to make a tune in a day.

Thurs Evening Study Group

Current project involves

  • coding C++ and Pure Data patches for the bela micro controller.
  • breadboard circuit design
  • practice (with the Atari punk Console)
Pure Data Effects Pedal Board
  • We are collating a set of simple pure data patches that can be collated into one large patch with midi and/or CV control. TrumBela
Bela Effects Pedal Board

The Above patch will be used in a Bela board using the bela analog and digital inputs as controllers for the fx.


Once we have tge pedal board we will probably port it over to C++ before beginning a VST or VCVrack plugin

Friday Jamming Session

Ableton Link and/or midi sync up. Every genre investigated. Participants take turns in groups of varying size



Beginner Workshops

Connect a midi controller to the browser

Showcase Gigs

  • Club nites
  • Cassette Tape Launches

Minimum Requirements

  • Laptop
  • Midi Controller (will be supplied for first few sessions)
  • Donation 5 Euro Daytime sessions/ 10 euro Evening sessions
  • Bring headphones if you have them

The Place

Q- Factory
Atlantisplein 1, 
1093 NE Amsterdam