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Electronic Music Connect Amsterdam

The Groups

The Topics

C++, Pure Data, DIY, Laptop Jamming, Audio/Visual Streaming

The Projects


Audio/Visual Streaming



  • Tues Improve your Craft - Open Day
  • Thurs Evening Study Group - Open Day
  • Friday Jamming Session - Open Day


Minimum Requirements

  • Laptop
  • Midi Controller (will be supplied for first few sessions)
  • 40 euro per month in advance
  • Newcomer Friendly, first session free (contact Rob via meetup messages)
  • Bring headphones if you have them

The Place

Panamalaan 6D

Look for the twin buildings

Look for the twin buildings

Building 2-8 The Even Numbers (not 1-7!)

Ring the buzzer out front for 6D

Look for Building 2-8 (not 1-7!)

Amsterdam Oost

Google map