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A Study group is 3 to 13 people of different skill levels backgrounds goals etc meeting up and sharing knowledge in a music making friendly space.

Chairs and a large sound proof environment is provided .

Tables are available for rent.

A mentor is on hand to help newcomers build their own study plan if required.

Current project involves

  • coding C++ and Pure Data patches for the bela micro controller.
  • breadboard circuit design
  • practice (with the Atari punk Console)
Pure Data Effects Pedal Board
  • We are collating a set of simple pure data patches that can be collated into one large patch with midi and/or CV control. TrumBela
Bela Effects Pedal Board

The Above patch will be used in a Bela board using the bela analog and digital inputs as controllers for the fx.


Once we have tge pedal board we will probably port it over to C++ before beginning a VST or VCVrack plugin