Graphic Interfaces

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Create a basic GUI app with a resizable window.

Learn how to add a content component to your window that can hold different graphical elements.

Fill your app with colour! Add colours, text, lines and other geometrical shapes.

Create simple animations in your JUCE applications. Bring static geometry shapes to life using the AnimatedAppComponent class.

Learn how to get started with OpenGL as a high performance rendering library within your JUCE applications. Render beautiful 2D and 3D graphics in your audio apps and plugins.

Interface Design[edit]

Learn how to arrange your components into a hierarchy to build a modular graphical user interface for your JUCE app.

Make a custom skin for your application by drawing your own buttons, sliders, and other components.

Specify and apply colours within your application in various ways.

Use the Point, Line, and Rectangle classes to simplify your geometry calculations.

Lay out your components with a simple yet powerful technique that will produce elegant code with fewer bugs.

Build responsive GUI layouts that work across different screen sizes and orientations using the FlexBox and Grid classes. Learn how to quickly visualise Components using the Projucer