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Electronic Music Coders Amsterdam


The Group[edit]



Meet, Share Knowledge, Network.

The Topics[edit]


This is a coding site for musicians. Whilst experimental and electronic music does not require coding skills this site is for those techno druids that wish to go that one level deeper. However code takes second place to music. Musical perfection and purity takes precedndece over coding purity.

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The Medium is the message. We fpocus mainly on music for livestreaming. In the future we will encompass club and live electronic/experimental bands. In our view livestreaming is an artform of our times. Enter the Livestream section

Studio Technology[edit]

Software, Hardwrae, studio design, With a DIY mentality we cover the project, bedroom and livestremaing studios and everything needed to run one.

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Latency? Whatshould be prerendered? How many plugins can your machine handle in a live environment. How engaging is your stage presence. Maybe your workl incvludes stage design and fasion items.

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Music Theory, Generative Composition, Beats, Rhythm, Groove, Melody, Counterpoint, Arrangements, it's all here. From the circle of fifths to Digital Orchestral arrangements we'll cover eanything that will improve the musical knowledge of you and your Artificial Intelligence assistant

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Sound Design[edit]

Foley, Sound Categorisation, Game and Movie audio Effects.

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Deep Learning[edit]

Using Adverserial Networks, Tendorflow, Keras and numerous other tools and techniques to assist the composer, musician, producer and musiciologist

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Oscillators, Filters, Fuzz. We go through t5h theory and the practical of modern difital signal processing tewchniques.

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The Past Present and Futue of Music. What is music? What does it offer us? What can we offer it?

The Projects[edit]

Daily - Audio/Visual Streaming[edit]

OBS and MSDP and Ableton Max4Live Electronic Audio/visual Livestream

Daily - Evening Study Classes[edit]

Tues, Wed, Thurs 1 on 1 Audio Programming Workshops

Weekly - Friday Jamming Session[edit]

Ableton Link and/or midi sync up. Every genre investigated. Participants take turns in groups of varying size

Monthly - Open Session[edit]

Bandcamp Friday Livestream

The Workshops[edit]

Connect a midi controller to the browser

The Place[edit]

the Satellite Of Love


Panamalaan 6d

  • 1019 NE
  • Amsterdam
  • Netherlands
  • Europe
  • (or in Orbit)


  • Building with 2-8 on front.
  • Press 6 then press D then press the bell
  • Wait for the beep
  • Alcohol handwash is located at entrance.

Minimum Requirements[edit]

  • Laptop
  • Asio compliant soundcard
  • Midi Controller (will be supplied for first few sessions)
  • Bring headphones if you have them


  • Evening sessions : 300 Euro per Quarter
  • Cost is dependant on particpation (with reductions for mentors etc)