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Electronic Music Coders Amsterdam


The Group[edit]



Meet, Share Knowledge, Network.

The Topics[edit]

# Coding[edit]

# Livestream[edit]

# Studio Technology[edit]

# Performance[edit]

# Composition[edit]

# Sound Design[edit]

#Deep Learning[edit]



The Projects[edit]

Daily - Audio/Visual Streaming[edit]

OBS and MSDP and Ableton Max4Live Electronic Audio/visual Livestream

Daily - Evening Study Classes[edit]

Tues, Wed, Thurs 1 on 1 Audio Programming Workshops

Weekly - Friday Jamming Session[edit]

Ableton Link and/or midi sync up. Every genre investigated. Participants take turns in groups of varying size

Monthly - Open Session[edit]

Bandcamp Friday Livestream

The Workshops[edit]

Connect a midi controller to the browser

The Place[edit]

the Satellite Of Love


Panamalaan 6d

  • 1019 NE
  • Amsterdam
  • Netherlands
  • Europe
  • (or in Orbit)


  • Building with 2-8 on front.
  • Press 6 then press D then press the bell
  • Wait for the beep
  • Alcohol handwash is located at entrance.

Minimum Requirements[edit]

  • Laptop
  • Asio compliant soundcard
  • Midi Controller (will be supplied for first few sessions)
  • Bring headphones if you have them


  • Evening sessions : 300 Euro per Quarter
  • Cost is dependant on particpation (with reductions for mentors etc)