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| screenshot = File:VCV Rack.montage un peu sympa.png
| screenshot = [File:VCV Rack.montage un peu sympa.png]
| caption = VCV Rack 0.6.2c
| caption = VCV Rack 0.6.2c
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VCV Rack
[[File:[File:VCV Rack.montage un peu sympa.png]|300px]]
VCV Rack 0.6.2c
Original author(s)Andrew Belt[1][2]
Stable release
1.1.6 / 4 November 2019; 2 years ago (2019-11-04)[3]
Written inC++
Operating systemLinux, macOS, Microsoft Windows
Available in- languages
List of languages
Typemodular synthesizer
LicenseGPL license V3[4] and proprietary for some graphics and 3rd party modules

VCV Rack is a free and open-source cross-platform software modular synthesizer.


VCV Rack is a free open-source virtual modular synthesizer: multiple modules can be connected to synthesize a sound. By default the software contains several VCOs, LFOs, mixers, and other standard synthesizer modules, however more can be added as plugins through the VCV Rack website.[5][6]

Version 1.0.0 added a stable API, a multithreading engine[7] and support for polyphonic signals.[8]


In addition to the above features, VCV rack can also connect to other hardware and software by outputting analog CV/gate and digital USB or MIDI signals. The software can also connect to other VST plugins though the module "host"; the ability to use VCV rack as a VST plugin itself was a feature that has been deprecated but is expected to return shortly after the release of Rack v2.[9]


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