Laptop Jamming

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Ableton Link[edit]

Wifi Based Tempo sync

Midi Sync[edit]

De Facto Standard for sync and note info transport

Eurorack Tempo Clock[edit]

Timed gated signal


Successor to midi

What would you expect at a jam session? I can organise a weekly session in a rehearsal room 18:00-22:00.

But what do you imagine? What will you put up with? How many laptop musicians at a time? What if your session is shit? How many other peoples sessions will you listen to inbetween your sessions? If you are accomplished will you jam with a beginner? Will you turn up to grow a set with someone or do you just want to pop in every few weeks? Will it stagnate? Do you want Gabber at 160 bpm every time or will you try genres you never knew existed? Do you jam ping pong style -alternating or try playing sounds together at the same time?Do you use a conductor or music director?- would you take turns as a conductor or musical director?

What about when people turn up with no idea how to sync, don't have the cables or whatever?

What about the dominant guy who plays too loud, with deals on everything?

Can you trust the people you jam with?

I running jamming sessions, but these are usually with two other people that I know really well. I have proposed jamming sessions after the audio coding sessions because there is an opportunity for the musicians to get to know each other first. You can see here what the room looks like