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The Satellite Of Love is a livestream performance of one or two hours of continuous music and soundscape synchronized by Ableton Link, Midi and Din Clock. Each section should blend from the preceding section.

The Livestream is divided into sections of 10 minutes. A participant may have one of more slots allotted either as a solo or a jam project.

A participant will probably want to provide 20% to 50% new material for their slot if regular. This could be as little as 5 minutes of material each month.

A participant that does not compose or produce may wish to rehearse and partake in the jamming sections.

This is an electronic event. There is a 24 channel digital mixer.

Before hand, we'll chat with the participant about what they might bring and how they will set up.

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About Us[edit]


Studio Layout Iteration 2.png


  • Honey: Mixer, Ableton Recording
  • Hal: Ableton, Zwobots, OBS
  • Gollum: Broadcaster
  • Bilbo: Webcam One, FX OBS
  • Clint: Webcam Two, FX OBS
  • Mildred: Ableton. OBS


  • Arturia MatrixBrute
  • Korg Prologue
  • Minlogue
  • Moog Mother32
  • Korg Prophecy
  • Roland TB 03

Drum machines[edit]

  • TR-8
  • TR-8s
  • Drumbrute
  • Volca Sample

Midi Controllers[edit]

  • Push 2
  • Push
  • Beatstep Pro
  • MS 20
  • Launch Control
  • Traktor Dj


Ableton Link[edit]

Ableton Link is either solid as a rock or not usuable. At present it is unusuable but in the previous studio is was perfect. Reasons unknown.

Mio Midi Center[edit]

This box allowed the studio grow exponentially overnight. In conjuction with RTPmidi any program that accepts midi input can be accessed from any other daw via ethernet/wifi.

Eurorack Clock[edit]

The Mother32 has a midi in permanently connected to the MIO (see above) . So it can be used to convert midi to the WaveyLines Eurorack and/or guests.

The Music[edit]


"The Satellite Of Love orbits the planet on the edges of the stratosphere. It picks up and bounces back the signals it picks up from earth edited, remixed and recontextulised by the group of Space Composers who stole the Satellite from the Evil Bond Villian Elon Musk. The music is continous, weaving in an out of melodies, snippets, songs, operas, adverts, and TV show. the hum of the planet, the hum of the big bang. Sounds from yesteryear. We might hear a melody - just once or a groove that goes on for days.  We boldy go where no one has gone before . On a journey through Space , Time and Sound"

Captain Techbot


We go for a post modern take on genres since this is not a club, club music has a limited place tho' not inconsequential by any means. We are not averse to house and techno but without the biofeedback from an audience the overall vibe is identical to any other genre. So instead we divide music along tempi. So one stream we might start with a reggae beat at 100 bpm and move towards a Rock N Roll groove at 80 bpm, followed by a non tempoed ambient soundscape before finishing with some house goodness at 120bpm.



The scores help move things along ensuring one doesn't get stuck in a groove. The genres are not meant to be accurately mimic'd but used as reference points. They are iterively created using google docs. Unless maybe when going for a funky vibe. We sticked to CAGED scales which benefits guitarist participants.


Scores spreadsheet

One Hour Scores For Two People[edit]

Satellite Of Love - One Hour Score For Two People
Score 0 - 8 9 - 16 17-24 25- 28 29 - 32 33 -36 37 - 40 41 - 48
No 1 Intro stuff Satellite Of Noise Arp Guitar loop Reggae Jam Solo 12 bar Electronic Blues Jam
Scale Tempo 080 bpm 080 bpm D minor 080 bpm D minor 080 bpm A minor 110 bpm A minor 080 bpm E minor 080 bpm
Chords D D D Amin Amin G C G Emin7 Amin7 Bmin7
Satellite Of Love - One Hour Score For Two People
Score 0 - 8 9 - 16 17-21 22- 24 25 - 32 33 -36 37 - 40 41 - 48
No 2 Intro stuff Satellite Of Noise Arp Guitar loop Solo Ambient Jam Acid House Jam
Scale Tempo 080 bpm 080 bpm D minor 080 bpm 080 bpm 080 bpm C minor 080 bpm F minor 120 bpm
Chords D - - -- Cmin Fmin Gmin Amaj Gmin

Satellite Of Love - One Hour Score For Two People
Score 0 - 8 9 - 16 17-21 22- 24 25 - 32 33 -36 37 - 40 41 - 48
No 3 Intro stuff Satellite Of Noise stuff Guitar loop Solo Ambient Jam Irish House Jam
Scale Tempo 080 bpm 080 bpm D minor 080 bpm 080 bpm 080 bpm C minor 080 bpm F minor 120 bpm
Chords D - - -- Cmin Fmin Gmin Amaj Gmin

Primary Processors[edit]

Ableton Live[edit]

Perfect for non linear backtracks and a live instrumet in itself, including an infinite source of plugins.

AudioModern LoopMix[edit]

Standalone or VST. This is akin to six sample players via 6 trancegates except each of the trance gates is aware of the other. The Loopmix player will cut up each of the samples and decide which sections to play and which to mute, these decisions can be temporary, semi random, controlled and very music creating and endless stream of variations for Beats but also for pure create use of whatever material one throws at it.

Secondary Processors[edit]


A Glitch rompler designed inhouse currenlty in VCVrack format. Uses 4 pairs of sample player. Each pair of players has a single step sequencer which has 3 states off, sample player A or Sampler player B. Each sequencer lenght oscilates from 1 to 16 steps via an LFO. The speed of each sample p[layer is controlled by CV.

Berna 3[edit]

4 Loopers and numerous modules recreating the test equipment of the 50s in a standalone DAW by Georgio


A modern counterpart to Berna3. 6 loopers and a multitude of glitch moduules in a standalone DAW by Georgio


One looper: A Muisique Concrete Workstaion in a standalone DAW or VST plugin by Micah at Puremagnetik.


Sources can either be prerendered to wavs and triggered in Ableton or if there is a spare laptop and soundcard, performed live.


I've gone to a kind of extreme with ReasonVST inside Live. I fill a rack with devices, each has it's own sequencer. No automation in Ableton. Use Reason LFOs, and mouse to control volumes in the reason mixer etc.Record a set in Ableton. Repeat. So tyhe Ablton file mainly acts as a wrapper holding let's say 20 wave file mixdowns of the rack. A new ablton file will have a new iteration of the rack and 20 more wav files mixdowns.


I download patches from Patchstorage and hack them to my own use.


A USB dongle supplies FM radio to an ingouhse VCVrack plugin

DIY Plugins[edit]

Various VST, JUCE CSound etc plugins in development inhouse


Performance version of Bento


Cool chatoic Oscilators in a standalone DAW by Georgio


Planetasry Orbital Midi controller and oscilaoots in a standalone DAW bgy Georgio

Dj Sets[edit]


Found Sounds[edit]

Bandcamp Freeform Dj Sets[edit]





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