The Eclectic Meme Conspiracy

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The Eclectic Meme Conspiracy Online (EMC Online) is an online, persistent, 2d, tiled, RPG, multiplayer, virtual world set in a post apocalyptic/cyberpunk world some 50 to 100 years after a civilisation ending war between humans and superheroes on one side and A.I on the other. JiGS is an integrated gaming system(client and server) built for and in tandem with EMC Online. You play a Psibot, a drone separated from the now defunct hive mind. You are found in the dumplands outside one of the City states that pepper the destroyed planet. As a master of nanite technology you must evolve from the dumb mute corpse that you are. What you become is up to you.

Set around 4 city states with 2 more to come and a city state to be added every 6-12 months. These city states have attributes and statistics that change in real time affecting and being affected by the players. Each city state contains at least 22 districts that are further divided into buildings and rooms = 100s of locations, npcs and items.

Cities are an abstract content type, made up of 22 or more mapGrids. They can also have additional stats such as GDP and health added by gamesmaster and new interactions created by the programming team.

A realtime city heartbeat can be triggered by emitting event signals to secondary game systems such as banking, farming, weather changes etc.

At present there are four cities representing 4 government styles and/or scale/technical development stages.

The cities are populated with NPCs who aide or obstruct the player The cities are surrounded by various wastland bioemes with numerous Mobs. The player uses stats, items and weapons to complete main arc missions and side-missions. Walkthrough