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Electronic Music Coders Amsterdam

The Group[edit]

The Topics[edit]

Studio Technology, Installations, Laptop Jamming, Modular, DIY, Composition, Digital Instruments, Creative Coding, Generative Music, Deep Learning, DSP, Graphic Interfaces, DJing, Game Music and Movie Scoring

The Goal[edit]

Meet, Share Knowledge, Network.

The Times[edit]

First Monday of the Month - Evening Class[edit]

Technology Neutral. If you have a project you wish to present to the group, this is the night to do it.

18:00 - 21:00: Drop in anytime

20:00 - 21:00: Live Improv Laptop Jam (time permitting)

Every Wed - Day Classes[edit]

1st Wed of Every Month : Study Group C++ (Vst and VCVrack Plugins)

2nd Wed of Every Month : Study Group Javascript, Web Midi, Web Audio, p5, NodeJs

3rd Wed of Every Month : Study Group Visual Coding/Patching Live Coding

4th Wed of Every Month : Monthly Tech round up

(Each followed by Live Laptop improv jam - time permitting)

Beginner Workshops - Every Three months[edit]

Connect a midi controller to the browser

  • Build a synth in Chrome Browser
  • Build a synth in VCVRack
  • Build a synth in Reaktor
  • Build a synth in Reaktor Blocks
  • Build a synth in Pure Data
  • Build a synth in Max For Live

Minimum Requirements[edit]

The Place[edit]

Q- Factory
Atlantisplein 1, 
1093 NE Amsterdam